Hot Links: Video Interview of 8-year-old Slaying Suspect Released by Cops; Four Million May Attend Obama's Inauguration; Credit Market Still

By Ray Stern

In a police interview tape, the 8-year-old boy suspected of killing two in St. Johns sticks to his story that he came home and found the bodies. But police have already said the boy confessed to the crime, meaning his words in this video are just another example of his methodical planning. Mind-boggling. In another Obama-makes-history story, planners in D.C. get ready for an unprecedented gathering of up to four million people for Obama's January 20 inauguration. Good news/bad news from Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake on the effectiveness of the bailout so far. Construction of a new criminal court becomes priority for cash-strapped county supervisors. A guard in Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's jail system is accused of supply cocaine to an inmate -- seems like Arpaio does a better job keeping coffee and Playboys out of his jail than illegal drugs. It's too late to score that bootleg copy of "Twilight" at the Spanish swap meet: Cops and motion picture representatives team up to shut down illicit DVD sales at an Avondale market. Harmful chemicals that were sprayed and distributed by the United States government are the cause of Gulf War illness, a report says. As if some in the military didn't already know that. Iconic Mickey Mouse turns 80, shows no weariness for making mountains of money. In a scene seemingly pulled from a James Bond movie, Somali pirates anchor in their stronghold with a supertanker worth an estimated quarter-billion dollars, adding together the ship and its cargo of two million barrels of crude oil.

Tape released of St. Johns boy murder suspect talking of finding bodies.

Four million may come to Obama inauguration

Bernake: Credit improving but still “far from normal.”

Maricopa county supervisors find money for new criminal court complex.

Maricopa County jail guard arrested for allegedly supplying inmate with cocaine

Cops nab alleged DVD bootleggers at Avondale swap meet

Government poisons are the source of Gulf War illness, report finds

Mickey Mouse turns 80.

Somali pirates anchor supertanker filled with oil in their stronghold.

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