Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner met with President Barack Obama yesterday before Obama's speech at ASU. Obama invited Warner to play basketball with him at the White House, and Warner offered to pray for Obama's family...L. William Seidman, former business school dean at Arizona State University and a CNBC commentator, died yesterday in New Mexico. Seidman was 88...The Maricopa County Sheriff''s Office is asking for the public's help in finding a suspect wanted for child molestation. The suspect, Mario Ramon Chavez-Tavena, has tattoos on his neck that read "Veronica" and "Trust no one," and was last seen driving a "greenish/brown" 1997 Infinity...A student at Tonapah High School opened her yearbook to find derogatory words about her weight printed under name. The yearbook supervisor has been placed on paid administrative leave, and the school superintendent is searching for the students responsible...A recent report by the Centers for Disease Control states that one in four girls in Arizona between the ages of 14 and 17 has an STD. Planned Parenthood Arizona president Bryan Howard says the numbers reflect a lack of solid sex education in the state...A helicopter pilot in Los Angeles had his license revoked after video surfaced on the Internet of him receiving oral sex while flying over San Diego. The pilot, David Martz, can apply to have his license reinstated in a year, though he's already received the proverbial blue ribbon from fun-lovin' frat guys everywhere.

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