Hot Links: Weekend DUIs, Swap Meet Sweeps, and Coyotes

Phoenix police arrested 1,053 people in their "Over the Limit, Under Arrest" campaign that began August 21. The campaign, which ended Labor Day, was designed to crack down on DUIs. Of the arrests, police say 359 were cases of extreme DUI...One local man, Joseph Cummins, was stopped on suspicion of DUI twice in the same night over Labor Day weekend. Cummins had been ticketed and released for DUI when, 20 minutes later, he blew through a checkpoint less than two miles down the road. Cummins was arrested...Thieves have been stripping foreclosed Valley homes, taking appliances and other fixtures, and then leaving the homes even less valuable on the ailing housing market. One local real estate agent says "probably 85 to 90 percent" of Valley houses on the market for less than $200,000 have been stripped...Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio conducted a crime sweep at Valley swap meet this weekend. The raid, which was designed to catch thieves who've been selling pirated DVDs, resulted in more than 50 arrests, with charges ranging from driving with a suspended license to drug charges...

The Glendale City Council will meet this morning to discuss Canadian Jim Balsillie's bid to buy the Phoenix Coyotes hockey team. They're seeking a new deal that would require Balsillie to pay an additional $50 million on top of his original $213 million bid. The extra money would allow him to move the Coyotes to Canada...An immigrant who was kidnapped and held in the Valley until his family paid a ransom has helped police bust a drop house in Glendale. The man had returned to the house after being released to try and free the other people in the house, and a neighbor noticed the commotion and called police. Authorities say 15 men were inside the home.

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