Hot Links: Woman Claiming Murder on Tom Leykis Bogus, Baby Drowns in Beer Cooler, Young Adults Heart Barack Obama, and Clay Aiken's Gay. No, Really.

By Stephen Lemons

Remember the gal claiming she killed her bf on Tom Leykis? It was bogus. 18 to 29 year-olds ain't feelin' Old Man McCain. Know why? 'Cause he's old. MRSA discovered at Tucson high school. D-Backs dominated by St. Louis. AZ Supreme Court says Arpaio dragged feet on New Times records request. Thomas and Nelson square off in first County Attorney debate October 1. Baby drowns in daddy's beer cooler. Hippie tree-huggers climb down from redwoods. And sad news for the ladies: Clay Aiken's gay. Hard to believe, huh?

Young adult voters prefer Obamarama over Old Man McCain.

County treasurer sues the Supes.

Lady calling Tom Leykis claiming murder draws charge.

MRSA case discovered at Tucson high school.

St. Louis slays D-Backs, 7-4.

Trib’s Bordow argues Lincecum over Webb for Cy Young Award.

Arpaio dragged feet on records, high court says.

First County Attorney debate set for October 1.

DPS photo-radar deployment begins Friday.

Tucson baby drowns in dad’s beer cooler.

Hippie tree-huggers descend from redwoods.

Clay Aiken’s gay? Now that’s hard to believe.

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