How Many Games Will the Arizona Cardinals Win This Year?

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The Arizona Cardinals are undefeated in the 2012 season, and the big reason for that is because they've played just one game.

Starting quarterback John Skelton may be sitting out a couple weeks after spraining his ankle, so temporary football Jesus Kevin Kolb will likely start at least one game, including the upcoming game against the New England Patriots.

The Cards' only game thus far came against a team that was starting a rookie quarterback, but there are some things we learned from that game: a wide-receiver is the team's leading rusher, Kolb can throw a football, and the offensive line allowed just one sack.

Although most of our readers thought the Arizona Diamondbacks would be heading to the playoffs or World Series this year (you still get credit for optimism), let's get some predictions about the Cardinals' season.

How many games will the Cardinals win this season?

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