How Many Immigrants Can You Fit into Two Tractor Trailers? At Least 513

Immigrants will do just about whatever it takes to obtain a better life in the United States -- which apparently includes being crammed into two tractor-trailers with more than 500 other people.

Mexican authorities on Tuesday stopped the two trucks, and inside were 513 illegal aliens.

The immigrants, according to the Chiapas, Mexico, Attorney General's Office, were from Asia and Central America. The trucks, the AG's Office says, were heading to the United States.

The trucks tried to pass through a checkpoint in Chiapas, but x-ray equipment at the checkpoint showed they contained human cargo.

Once the jig was up, the trucks' drivers tried to speed away from the checkpoint, but they were apprehended nearby.

The 513 immigrants came from El Salvador, Ecuador, China, Japan, Guatemala, India, Nepal, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic. According to the Mexican AG's Office, they each paid $7,000 for a lift to the States.

Mexican federal-immigration authorities say they have been in contact with consulates and embassies to arrange the immigrants' return to their home countries.

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