Hugh Hallman, GOP Contender in '14 Gov's Race, Does Not Mind Underdog Status

Former Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman and Republican operative Jason Rose go way back in political circles. Hallman has long relied on Rose for political navigation, including hiring Rose to help him with his 2008 Tempe mayor's race.

And that's why the tweet above caught our attention -- Rose ranking Christine Jones, a former executive VP of GoDaddy, above Hallman among in 2014 governor's race.

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Hallman says that "as Jason Rose, I've always preferred to be viewed as the underdog." He points out that he was the "underdog in every race" he won and "will be again in the future."

He says he felt bad for "Al Melvin. He didn't even make the ranking and he's a declared candidate."

At least Rose ranked Hallman above disgraced and disbarred former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, who also has declared his intentions of running for governor.

Rose says he's "very proud" of his past involvement with Hallman.

"Great mayor and great guy," Rose says when we asked him about his GOP rankings. "And he would do a great job as governor."

He says his "rankings proffered have changed somewhat over time," but Doug Ducey has been a constant number one based on fundraising ability and Jon Kyl-like GOP profile.

He says the reason he moved Jones up from sixth place in his last ranking is "because she announced and remains a candidate that could have more resources than other candidates -- although that remains to be seen."

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