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Foxy Lady: Sumita loungin' it up...

Hump Day Honey #1: Sumita Tomerlin

Wednesday is hard, and to get past it and closer to the weekend, we need help. That's my thinking behind my new Wed. feature: Hump Day Honeys. Every Wednesday, I'll feature some amazing babe from the Valley of the Sun along with some links to photos of said babe, hopefully in bikini or something equally hot. Think of it as inspiration to make it to Friday and that local watering hole where you might actually run into one of these Wednesday wenches. Of course, you'll have no chance at all with these fine dimes, but at least you'll have an opening line: "Hey, I saw your bikini pics on the Feathered Bastard blog!" And that and $3.50 might just garner you a pint of your favorite domestic brew, pallie.

Our first ever Hump Day Honey is Sumita Tomerlin, a recent grad of ASU in communications or something like that. Sumita is 24, of Indian descent (meaning, from the Subcontinent), and is currently a model making a name for herself with her sultry, exotic good looks. But she also has a head on her shoulders for makin' paper, and if you check out her MySpace page, you can read all about the companies she's involved in. A party girl with an introspective side, Sumita appreciates the better things in life, so be prepared to step correct, playa, with some scrilla in the bank, or somethin' goin' on other than that beer can collection in your bedroom.

Sumita's earned plaudits as a Hawaiian Tropic model, and you can peep her poses at the first link below. The second is a series of snaps showing Sumita and another sweet squalie in a lingerie pillow-fight. There's other stuff out there if you google her name, and you should be on the lookout in Playboy, because supposedly their scouts are eyeballing her portfolio. Sumita will also be a contestant in the Miss Asia Arizona beauty pageant coming up in March.

Full disclosure: Sumita once took pics for my now defunct Inferno column for the New Times. But we don't work together any more, and I only see her once in a blue moon, so I don't think it's much of a conflict. Plus, you can see for yourself that she's "fit," as Ali G would say, which is her primary qualification for being the first-ever Hump Day Honey.

Sumita's Hawaiian Tropic pics:

Sumita's lingerie pillow fight:

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