Imagine munching out on this Cookie...

Hump Day Honey #2: Cookie Monster

Please forgive. Late getting this post up due to technical difficulties. But we seem to be back in the saddle now.

This week, our Wednesday wench is a pyromaniac in the sack with men and women alike, and oh don't I wish I spoke from experience. She's none other than the pulchritudinous Prez of the Pussy Posse herself, the comely Cookie, known far and wide in the PHX for her outrageous club antics with her labia-lovin' squad of scorching femmes -- a sometimes XXX-rated burlesque troupe that she leads with whip in hand and strap-on 'round waist. Yep, you might spy Cookie's Pussy Posse performing in Vegas, taking over a P-town bar for the eve, or wowing kink-minded males and minxes at the AZ Fetish Ball , where they regularly wreak havoc. Indeed, at Fetish Revolution 7 this coming Saturday, half her gals will be cops, half will be convicts, and when they're not harassing the crowd, they'll be mercilessly flogging and Tasering each other — just like the screws do the cons in Tent City!

Other than being the top punani in the PP, this natural redhead with creamy skin and freckles to match is working on her next career as a dominatrix, and the Web site that will accompany it called, due up in a month or so. At 5'10" in her stockinged tootsies, and well-over six feet in her seven-inch heels, ordering dudes and dudettes about is no problemo. In fact, she prefers giving commands to taking them.

"I like to control people without forcing them or using bondage," she says.

And how would a leathered-up gent get with this polymorphously perverse bi-dominant dame? "Well, if he had a really cute girlfriend, that would help."

A MySpace account will assist you in viewing view the pix of Cookie that I can't show you here. Just point and click at the following for taste of brimstone and the lash:

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