Imagine that cleavage covered in vanilla pudding.

Hump Day Honey #4: Naughty Nicole

This week's Wednesday wench is a hella-voluptuous vixen, a va-va-voom Venus with the kinda curves that're a throwback to the screen sirens of the fabulous '50s, babes like Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Rita Hayworth, and so on. You might run into Miss Nicole McCord slingin' drinks as a guest bartender at Shayna's in Scottsdale, formerly the Cat Eye Lounge. And indeed, I first laid eyes on this vision of beauty at Kyl's, a legendary bar that sadly exists no more, where she was known as much for her saucy comebacks to her male admirers as for her lust-inducing, hourglass figure.

Nicole's day job? Tatting up the lucky males and females who seek her out through Tempe's Rebel Art Tattoo. She's been inking skin for 11 years now, everything from a huge minotaur on some dood's back to blue and purple flames on a pal's penis! But that was a one time deal, so don't ask her for a reprise.

"I tell guys I'll do it if I can have a grand up front and their mother holds it for them," she jibes.

Hmmm, while you're considering that offer, imagine Nicole bathed in 210 pounds of vanilla pudding, rolling around in it with her frisky friends in the Dirty Darlins of Debauchery. This Bill Cosby-approved wrestling troupe performs at various venues 'round town, the next time to be at the Sets on St. Patrick's Day. Nicole says they're considering adding green sprinkles to the mix in honor of the holiday, but I say, why not a few boxes of Lucky Charms? And can I help with the cleanup afterwards? Sounds like finger-lickin' fun.

Nicole's MySpace, with loads of pics:

Nicole's workplace, with samples of her work:

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