Hundreds Busted in Annual Fourth of July Drunk Driver Roundup

If you got nabbed driving drunk this weekend, there's good news and bad news.

The bad news, obviously, is that you were arrested and -- if you live in Maricopa County -- will likely be spending a little time in Joe Arpaio's tents.

The good news is you won't be alone -- the Governor's Office of Highway Safety announced today the number of DUI arrests made over the holiday weekend and it's even larger than last year.

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There were a total of 376 DUI arrests made over the July 4 weekend as of Sunday -- Monday's arrests are yet to be tallied.

Last year, cops made 350 arrests over the entire, three-day weekend.

So, were there just more people driving drunk this year? Not if you ask the folks at the Governor's Office of Highway Safety -- they're saying it's because of the increased number of police patrolling the streets.

In 2009, there were 428 cops from various different agencies across the state patrolling roads for drunk drivers over the holiday weekend.

This year, that number nearly doubled to 793.

The total number of DUI arrests made over the weekend will be released later today.  

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