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Identity of Florida Marlins Pitcher Stolen by Chandler Man, According to Police

Arizona is the off-season home to countless professional baseball players, so, in December, police pulling over a relief pitcher for the Florida Marlins wouldn't be that faratched.

Unfortunately for a Mexican national living in Chandler, it's September, and the Marlins aren't in town to play the D-Backs.

So, when 41-year-old Oscar Corral presented DPS officers with a forged Puerto Rican driver's license with the name of Marlin pitcher Enrique Calero Carrion, which is the full name of Florida Marlins relief pitcher "Kiko" Calero, during a routine traffic stop, they were suspicious.

"We don't know how long he was actually using the man's identity."says DPS Officer Robert Bailey. "The pitcher had a breakin at his house around 2001, which is when he may have lost his information."

When the officer requested more information from Corral, he presented a forged Social Security card with Calero's SS number on it.

"We called the pitcher and told him about it. He didn't even know, so he was obviously pretty grateful," Bailey says.

Bailey says the suspect has a lengthy criminal history, and authorities are still investigating whether damage was done to the pitcher's credit.

This was just a poor decision on all fronts for Oscar Corral. He should have stolen the identity of someone on the Yankees, at least then he'd have a legitimate shot at the playoffs.

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