If Governor Jan Has Her Way, Special Session Could Be Called Today

In what is hopefully the final stage of the exhaustive state budget battle, Governor Jan Brewer hopes to call a special session as soon as this afternoon.

Lawmakers have spent the last several weeks trying to agree on terms of what would be the second legislative special session, in their efforts to finally pass a state budget.

Here's something to consider: These people can't even agree on the terms of negotiations; how the hell do they expect to agree on the actual budget?

The Arizona Guardian reports that after meeting with Senate Republicans today, Governor Brewer said she hoped to call for a special session at some point this afternoon.

The items still left unresolved are the budgets of seven state agencies, plans to give about $18 million back to the Science Foundation Arizona, and repeal a foreclosure law that costs homeowners thousands of dollars. Oh, not to mention that pesky $2 billion deficit.

According the Guardian, a special session could begin as early as Thursday and could be done in one day, assuming Democrats waive rules.

It's already been five months, what's a few more days, right?

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