If You Asked . . .

John Madden's routine is growing more than a bit tired.

For the first time, I found it impossible to vote for either candidate in the governor's race.

Riccio's on East Indian School serves the freshest pasta dishes in town.

The Weiss Guys at Camelback and Central is still the best car wash.

Miller's Crossing proves that nobody is a better actor than Albert Finney.

The Phoenix Cardinals' hiring of Dexter Manley sends about two dozen bad messages.

Bob Costas looks like a mannequin NBC borrowed from a store window.

Robert Sherill's long piece on the savings-and-loan scandal in the current issue of The Nation will tell you all you ever need to know.

Nobody ever got such bad raps while winning the Most Valuable Player award as Barry Bonds.

I find myself hoping Bill Frieder can find enough good players for ASU in the next few years to thump Lute Olson.

Why does Larry King find it necessary to fawn over every guest?

The most enjoyable movie I've seen this year is Reversal of Fortune in which Jeremy Irons plays Claus von Bulow.

William P. Cheshire, the Arizona Republic's editorial-page editor, must have been looking through his specially fitted Reverend Moon spectacles to be able to envision John McCain and Dennis DeConcini blameless before the Senate Ethics Committee.

Thomas Boswell of the Washington Post is a fine sportswriter, but his new collection, Game Day, is not worth buying.

Channel 5 ran five films starring Humphrey Bogart back to back the other day and gave us the best television of the month.

The Fiesta Bowl people certainly displayed craven cowardice by trying to move the game out of Tempe at the first sign of trouble.

The Arizona Center is an incredible boost for downtown.

When was the last time you read an honest piece of journalism in Vanity Fair?

David Casstevens is a plus for the Republic sports section.

The Arizona Biltmore seems forlorn and faded these days.

You're missing out on a really good local political column if you don't read Doug MacEachern in the Mesa Trib. The same goes for Mike Tulumello's coverage of the Phoenix Suns in the same paper. Both are former New Times writers.

I now have four computers at home and refuse to part with any of them.

Bob Mohan is the only KFYI-AM talk show host worth a listen these days.

Terry Bradshaw is really difficult for me to watch.

Pat McMahon has gained back fifteen pounds, and it shows.

I can never find the puck on television hockey games.

Kevin Costner's new film, Dances With Wolves, pales when compared to Richard Harris' classic performance in A Man Called Horse.

Portland is a lock to win the NBA title this season.

Tony Bennett has never given a bad performance.

Jude LaCava is too much of a sycophant to be a credible local sports show host.

Charles Kuralt on Sunday morning is still the best thing on television.

To me, people who root for the Boston Red Sox are not real baseball fans.

Remember when it was hip to like Cat Stevens?

I wonder if the Suns will ever get over that trip to Japan.

No member of a political talk show makes makes me smile more than portly Jack Germond on John McLaughlin's show.

I've never read a book by Stephen King all the way through.

Ron Wolfley of the Cardinals may have a big career as a sports color man when his playing days are finished.

You're getting on in years if you can remember when Ralph Lauren was a hot name in men's clothes.

If you can find it, pick up Tommy Krasker's excellent CD version of George and Ira Gershwin's "Girl Crazy."

Do you know anyone who would drive from Phoenix to Tempe to see Louisville play football?

If the count is straight, Ty Detmer of Brigham Young University wins this year's Heisman Trophy.

Will they ever finish Thomas Road?

No one can peg the reason, but Dan Majerle's game is a little off so far this season.

Lombardo's at Arizona Center gets points for flash but a knock for lukewarm and uninspired pasta.

The Fiesta Bowl people certainly displayed craven cowardice by trying to move the game out of Tempe at the first sign of trouble.

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Tom Fitzpatrick