If You Host an Easter Egg Hunt This Weekend, Your Kids Will Get Bit By Rattlesnakes (Maybe)

The Arizona Herpetological Society has some suggestions on how to host the lamest Easter egg hunt ever: don't "hide" the eggs where kids can't see them.

The problem: rattlesnakes.

The AHS is warning Valley residents about the dangers of Easter egg hunts in a region infested with slithering monsters.

As temperatures climb, Arizona is entering rattlesnake season, and the AHS wants to prevent bites.

The AHS warns that Easter eggs hidden in brush with drip systems, behind flower pots, and even under pool toys can be dangerous spots for Easter egg hunters.

When If your kid gets bit, the AHS has a few pointers:


• Call 911 and stay calm.

• Keep the bitten area still. You can immobilize the area with an improvised splint made from a board, magazines, or other stiff material tied to the limb (but don't tie it too tight because you don't want to reduce blood flow). Remove any jewelry or constricting items near the affected area in case of swelling.

• Elevate the extremity that's bitten.


• Drive yourself to the hospital.

• Use ice to cool the bite.

• Cut open the wound and try to suck out the venom.

• Use a tourniquet. This will cut off blood flow and the limb may be lost.

The Phoenix Herpetological Society says it can remove snakes from your home for a fee.

For more information about the society, call 602-550-1090 or visit

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