If You Were Sucker Punched by an ASU Wrestler, University Police Would Like to Have a Chat

Authorities say the most serious offense with which they can charge two members of the Arizona State University wrestling team, seen attacking a man during the school's annual "undie run," is disorderly conduct. The problem: they can't find the potential victim.

ASU police Commander James Hardina tells New Times that the wrestlers claim the attack on the mystery victim was self defense, and unless authorities have someone to tell them otherwise, the only crime with which they can be charged is disorderly conduct for fighting in public.

See video of the wrestlers (ahem) defending themselves below.

The shirtless men circling the guy in the blue shirt like a pack of hyenas are ASU junior Te Edwards, and freshman Carlos Castro, both of whom (as you can see by clicking their names) are were ASU wrestlers.

For two guys who claim to be defending themselves, they don't appear to do much to remove themselves from the situation -- taking four steps to sucker-punch a guy when he's not looking certainly doesn't help their case.

Edwards declined New Times invitation to tell his side of the story, saying "the media is just gonna twist my words around and make me look like some high strung bully when they don't even know the whole story."

As far as looking like a "high-strung bully" goes, the video speaks for itself.

If you're the person seen in the video getting sucker punched by Edwards, or you know who he is, you're asked to call the ASU Police Department at 480-965-2797.
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