Important Legislation Alert: Bill Proposed to Criminalize Jumping Off Cliffs

There's a very important piece of legislation proposed in the Arizona Senate that could affect people all across the state.

Yes, jumping off cliffs could become a crime.

Senate Bill 1499 is the work of Republican State Senator Judy Burges, and would make it a misdemeanor for anyone to "knowingly jump or dive" from a cliff or rock formation into water in any public park or state land.

We're guessing these arrests would be made by the fun police.

This only applies to cliffs 10 feet or higher, so pack your tape measure the next time you're planning on jumping off big rocks.

Even better, the bill goes on to criminalize jumping off cliffs on private property.

You'd need "permission" from the landowner to jump off the cliffs they own, and if you don't get permission, you're just another cliff-jumping criminal.

Of course, people do actually die every so often after jumping off cliffs in Arizona, but let's be realistic here.

SB 1499 is currently assigned to the judiciary and rules committees.

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Matthew Hendley
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