In Sun City, It's Age Before Duty

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State Representative John Kromko, a Tucson Democrat, didn't swallow that explanation by Fahey. And he is equally unimpressed by what is happening at the Tempe campus.

The complaints by Kromko and others may have an effect. Ellis says it is possible that the university might just decide that the job could be done just as well "in-house," perhaps even having a student or teacher do the work. (That's similar to what Kromko suggested to the UofA.)

Ellis also allows that the best action may be inaction, at least for now. He realizes that the universities are complaining about Mofford's cost-cutting orders. "We've lived with what we've got for 100 years," Ellis says. "Another few years wouldn't make a difference."

Maybe that will give them more time to figure out why they wound up with more students than classes available.

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Howard Fischer