In Your Own Words: Arpaio, Phoenix Country Club, Andrew Thomas and Sky Harbor Airport

Tomorrow another issue of your favorite alternative weekly will hit the stands and the Web. Take this opportunity to pick Phoenix's collective brain on last week's stories.

On: Joe Arpaio’s men fail to justify criminally charging New Times reporter Ray Stern in a public records dispute

"I want the 15 minutes of my life back it took to read this stupid article. Both sides sound like children squabbling over nothing. One acts like a bully, the other a perpetual victim who whines all the time." - Who Cares

"Mr. Lacey -- Just as New Times was way ahead of criminal proceedings against Charles Keating, we look forward to the day that Sheriff Arpaio and this cronies will get their own charges, convictions and jail time.

Mr. Lacey, you are a true hero." - Dan Farrell Davis

On: Phoenix Country Club board member Mike Hayes turned a sex-segregation issue into a juvenile shouting match

"Sick people in nice clothes with too much time and money on their hands." - Noble Beckham

On: Sky Harbor Allows Special Clothing For Somali Muslim Janitorial Workers

"How does wearing a skirt with an untucked shirt "destroy us from the inside"?" - Anonymous

On: Andrew Thomas' Office Puts Man Who Filed Racial Discrimination Complaint On Paid Leave For Eight Months, Lawyer Says

"This is just another reason why we need someone like Tim Nelson in this office. Thomas's management of the office and the enforcement - if you can call it that - of law would be comical if it wasn't so vitally important to the citizens of Maricopa County." - Pluto

On: Scottsdale Arrests Photo Radar Protester, But Did Police Break His Toe, Too?

"A sense of humor is totally lacking in a police state." - Concerned Citizen

"The mustache says it all!" - Observer

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