In Your Own Words: Bigfoot, light rail and Andrew Thomas

Tomorrow another issue of your favorite alternative weekly will hit the stands and the Web. Take this opportunity to pick Phoenix's collective brain on last week's stories.

On: Arizona Supreme Court Declines Andrew Thomas' Request to Halt State Bar Probe

"Remember how Thomas filed that paperwork the same day he filed his re-election campaign paperwork? 1 down 1 to go, let's make sure the other one fails miserably too!!" - Micki

On: Is the Bigfoot found in Georgia a sub-species of Arizona's sasquatch?

"If we do ever find them and they are unable to prove citizenship they should have their asses shipped back to Mexico!" Lynch M All

On: Wanted: A Positive Story About Light Rail in Phoenix

"Sarah -- once again, great job informing the public. Trains are great but we need "real" trains not trolllies. You are right this should not a model for anything except one to avoid." - Train Commuter

"Maybe Phoenix needs an olympics to speed things along? Then again, maybe they just need someone competent to run the project?" - Mike Wells

On: Anger in need of management: Russell Pearce's "violent temper" flared with his first wife, too

"The truth hurts -- great investigative work! Explains some of the knee-jerk legislation Pearce and his supporters put together. Really chilling to think about it. Gotta vote these bullies out of office!" - Concerned Citizen

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Jonathan McNamara