In Your Own Words: Dan Saban, Barack Obama, Isabel Garcia, Sheriff Arpaio and the Ying Yang Twins

Compiled By Jonathan McNamara

On: Latino Bar Business Down on Big Fight Night, Thanks to Sheriff Joe What's-His-Name

"How cute! Dan Saban has his 14 supporters writting in. I guess that's what you need to do when you can't raise money in a campagin. He knows the New Times will post anything for him and certainly won't ask any tough questions. Saban will open the door and welcome every illegal alien he can get into this state. He is already said he will not enforce illegal immigration." -Saban52

"'Anybody But Joe' won't be on the ballot, so get used to the name, Dan Saban. He'll be your next Maricopa County Sheriff." - Sam, President, ASU For Dan Saban

On: National Tally: Obama, 71 McCain, 38. Even Fox News Prefers Obama

"How is it that a candidate with absolutely no substance or experience could be interesting. It is almost biblical how Obama can just chant "change" and people fall all over themselves and can't tell you why. Hope and change, hope and change, hope and change......when I snap my fingers you will come to and stop acting like a jackass!" - Dave

On: The Bird shelters Pima County Legal Defender Isabel Garcia from the flak she’s received for hoisting an Arpaio piñata head

"Sorry... but Isabel Garcia is part of the problem - NOT part of the solution." - cw

On: Thomas' TV Propaganda Cites a Drug Statistic Even the DEA Says Is Wrong

"Maybe by "South of the border" he meant "South of the 30th longitudinal parallel of planet Earth". See, he wasn't lying technically. It's our fault for stupidly thinking "South of the Border" meant "The country that borders the US to the South". We are all so dumb..." - Hahahahaha

On: Concert Schedule for This Weekend

"Ying Yang Twins were the shit." - Whodat Jones

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