In Your Own Words: Gascon, Peoria's Most Wanted and Janis Joplin Crap N Vomit

Compiled By Jonathan McNamara

Another issue of your favorite alternative weekly has hit the stands and the Web. This of course presents us with an opportune chance to pick Phoenix's collective brain on last week's stories.

Below you will find a choice selection of comments left across our articles and blogs. Be sure to check them out, Phoenix. After all, this is what you've been saying.

On "Mesa Police Chief George Gascón stares down Sheriff Joe Arpaio"

"Gascon is an arrogant scumbag. He should NOT be wearing that uniform. He's a worthless rent-a-cop who has no interest in protecting Mesa and its CITIZENS. He is a shame to the force. He's nothing but a media hog like the rest of the useless politicians these papers trail after like dogs." -Queeny

"I ride the city bus, and the illegals are so afraid of drawing attention to themselves that they often hang back, mutely gesturing for the anglos (like myself) to board before they do, lest someone become irritated by them and scrutinize them. Is this really the behavior of congenital criminals? Or is it the behavior of circumspect individuals trying to pass amongst the general population while they do menial work for low wages?" -Emil Pulsifer from Phoenix, AZ

On "He wasn’t driving drunk, he didn’t hit anyone, but he might still go to jail"

"This is the most INSANE thing I have ever heard of. This poor guy did the Good Samaritan thing and ends up getting charged with a felony? What proof? His public defender sounds like an ass, and it's too bad people don't raise money for legal funds for this kid. I'd be calling the governor if I was his mother." - Becky from Youngstown, OH

"A shoot first, ask questions later mentality prevails and has for far too many years. What I don't understand is why so many are surprised by this. While there are many fine officers on the Mesa PD, this mentality is and has been ingrained in this particular department for at least 30 years." - John Stewart from Phoenix, AZ

On: "Big Brother could be your APS meter-reader"

"Of course we don't live in a communist state - they have universal Healthcare there..." -Annonymous

On: "Peoria's Most Wanted"

"I happen to know the young lady shown in your article has a warrant out for an unpaid traffic ticket and she's on "Peoria's 10 Most Wanted"? I live in Peoria and watch the local news daily and these are the kind of people they're focusing their attention on arresting? GET REAL!!" -Fed Up in Peoria

On: "Some Janis Joplin Crap N Vomit for your Monday lunch hour"

"I think these guys are totally rectul but I really think there music would be better if they had more stuff about god in there songs" - JK

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