In Your Own Words: Scott Coles, Sam Vagenas, MCSO and more

Tomorrow another issue of your favorite alternative weekly will hit the stands and the Web. Let's take this opportunity to pick Phoenix's collective brain on last week's stories.

Below you will find a choice selection of comments left across our articles and blogs. Be sure to check them out, Phoenix. After all, this is what you've been saying.

On: Scott Coles: The story behind the life — and death — of the flamboyant owner of Mortgages Ltd.

"Did someone say 'frivolous' law suit?" - Suicide Is Bad

"For everyone that has reached millionaire and beyond status, a crime was committed to get them to this level. Your story on Scott Coles, "The Rise and Fall of Scott Coles" by John Dickerson was absolutely amazing and proves my point." - CriticXtreme

On: Corporation Commission candidate Sam George is Sam Vagenas with a new name and old tricks

"Are Arizona Democrats so greedy for campaign money that they would tolerate a douche-bag like Vagenas?" - Howard M.

On: Residents in Maricopa and Other Counties Had Fewer Babies in 2007

"Maricopa County, Arizona is not a family friendly place, the word must be getting out. Young families and their children are very much at risk for having their lives ruined in a state that lacks compassion and intolerance reigns." - AZ MOM

On: Sheriff's Office Plays Dumb On Racial Profiling Investigation

"Believe me, their just not playing, they have the dumb part down pat." - Coz

"Who in hell says they're acting? Just as his coincidental arrest of 13 food vendors today. 13 out of 13 are illegal? Does he think everyone is stupid?" - Michael

On: Top 10 Songs You Must Turn Off

"Popular music is so tiresome!" - Ed Fury

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