In Your Own Words: Shaquille O'Neal, Hotel San Carlos, chimpanzees and cold cases

Tomorrow another issue of your favorite alternative weekly will hit the stands and the Web. Take this opportunity to pick Phoenix's collective brain on last week's stories.

On: A severely diabetic Valley woman faces criminal charges over her "service animal": a chimpanzee named Joey

"The only Monkey's here is the Fish and Game Department and the State of Arizona." - Coz

"This woman is a nut. I'm Type 1 diabetic and it is by no means "debilitating". There is absolutely no reason why diabetics can't lead a normal life without a chimp, for crying out loud. I just carry the sugar source with me, hello!! She needs professional psychological help, and the animal needs an appropriate home." - EP

On: Cold Case Girl 99-305 Miraculously IDd

"Thank you so much for running this story so quickly. I was elated to find that MJD or Case 99-305 was finally given back her name and identity and it was due to your fantastic article about the Maricopa Medical Examiner's office that brought this young lady her family.

I have great sympathy for the family of Tawni and I hope they will be able to move forward knowing they were able to find her and know she probably didn't mean to leave for such a long time." - Marsha Gourley

On: Illegal Immigrant Fugitives Fail to Turn Themselves In; Feds Ending Voluntary Program Today

"That is what i love about this country of ours, we are all ready to ship the illegal immigrants off to whence they came yet we are not willing to find a solution that can help them stay." - Xaria

On: Hot Links, Weekend Edition: Shaquille O'Neal hit with restraining order by Georgia rapper Maryjane

"Shaq is a reserve police officer in Tempe. Will they suspend his gun carrying privileges?" - jessmacham

On: Bruce Jacobs Accused of "Verbal Attack" on Widow of Slain Phoenix Officer Nick Erfle

"The difference between freedom of expression and freedom of the press is that, whereas I can go stand on a corner and shout my opinions -- unless I draw a crowd of interested listeners, in which case I might be cited for holding a rally without a permit, or impeding public traffic, or some such, or unless I am cited for disturbing the peace in the case that my opinions are unpopular with some or the fact that I am stating them loudly enough to be heard by passersby -- I do not have the legal "right" to own a radio station or a newspaper or a chain of them or some combination of media outlets; and it's the mass media which counts in influencing public opinion." - Emil Pulsifer

On: The Phoenix Fire Marshal Stops Pool Parties at the Hotel San Carlos

"I have to look at this rationally, buildings have structural limits. That building is one of the oldest in town. What would we all say if the floor and the pool had suffered some catastrophic collapse?" - Harry

"Look bitches, Yes the building is one of the oldest in town, but the pool is not. It was added on with modern engineering and well thought out planing. A couple more safety precautions and extra fire escapes and it will be back on. Its just another cheap shot from city officials to get a couple extra bucks out of a successful establishment." - Jason Wyatt

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Jonathan McNamara