In Your Own Words: US Airways, Andrew Thomas, Sheriff Joe and The Arizona Republic

Tomorrow another issue of your favorite alternative weekly will hit the stands and the Web. Take this opportunity to pick Phoenix's collective brain on last week's stories.

On: Warring US Airways and America West pilots have the merged company in a real tailspin

"Boo Hoo. A bunch of overpaid bus drivers whining about pay. Cry me a river. Those planes can take off, fly, and land by themselves. The only thing pilots are there for are to make out with the stews." - Rogelio Martinezo

"Let me see if I have this straight, US pilots agree to binding arbitration and when the arbitrators decision isn't to their liking they try for a 'Do over' by replacing the collective bargaining agent?

Wow, just wow." - Frontier608

On: Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Office Exonerates Deputy Of Racial Profiling

"Once again -- protect the police at all costs -- at the expense of the people and their rights -- thankful they don't work in LA, where the people would never tolerate this abuse of power. Wake up Arizona, we are losing more rights with each passing day and each incident of abuse of power." - Concerned Citizen

On: Andrew Thomas Invents New Type of Crime: "Latin America-Style Violence"

"The first time I saw Thomas with the new mustache I thought it was a still of Dave Foley playing some marginal character on an old Kids in the Hall sketch." - Emil Pulsifer

On: Arizona Republic Buyouts: 28 experienced edit staffers agree to quit

"That is a phenomenal amount of institutional knowledge walking out the door." - Matt

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Jonathan McNamara