Iowa Woman Buys a $56 Jar of Snow For Her Sister in Arizona; Why Does the Rest of the World Seem to Think Arizonans are Mesmerized by Snow?

After a blizzard in McGregor, Iowa, a man named Jeff Lenhart went out into his yard, packed a jar full of snow, and put it on ebay with plans to give the proceeds to a cancer research center.

The bidding began at only a few cents but as time went on, the price for the snow rose to more than $50.

When the bidding closed Monday morning, Iowa NBC affiliate KTTC reports that the highest bid was $56, and it was placed by a woman who also lives in Iowa.

Cindy Willenborg of Dyersville, Iowa, was the highest bidder, saying she bought the jar of snow because it "caught my eye."

Willenborg says she plans to send the snow to her sister and her sister's family right here in Arizona -- as if snow is some sort of rare commodity that would amaze we Arizona desert-folk.

For anyone unfamiliar with the mechanics of snow, it should be noted that as snow heats to a certain temperature, it fails to be snow. Basically, Willenborg bought her sister a $56 jar of dirty water.

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