Is Andrew Thomas Delusional?

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Local Republican blogger Political Mafioso was already questioning whether disbarred and disgraced former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas was delusional after Thomas said he was considering a run for governor, but get a load of yesterday's headline from Channel 5, KPHO: "Disbarred Thomas believes he could win governor's race."

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"Candy" Andy's still bitchin' about a three-member disciplinary panel of the Arizona State Supreme Court agreeing that he abused his power, and decided on his disbarment, but he's apparently still serious about running for governor.

"During a one-on-one interview with CBS 5 News, Thomas said he was speaking out because everyone else is afraid to," KPHO's online report reads. "He also said he was speaking out as a potential candidate for governor."

Thomas told the station he thinks he could actually win a race for governor.

When you're done laughing your ass off from what Thomas told KPHO, let us know -- do you think Thomas is delusional?

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