Feathered Bastard

Is Anti-Illegal Immigrant Uberbabe Michelle Dallacroce Back on the Haterade?

Seems like Michelle D. just can't stay away from the fray.

Could it be? Is she back? And if so, will she finally let me paint her toenails as we debate the finer points of U.S. immigration policy? I'm talking about the former head of the now defunct Mothers Against Illegal Aliens, the urban cougar-ish Michelle Dallacroce. You'll recall that in November I reported that the Phoenix-based Dallacroce, a favorite of Fox News for her photogenic hotness and her ability to piss off nearly as many liberals as Ann Coulter, had finally decided to pack it in, call it a day, and wait out the Obama years in an abandoned grain silo hidden somewhere in the Ozarks.

Okay, I kid about the grain silo, but Dallacroce told me a few months ago that financial pressures and a shifting political landscape were forcing her to chuck her organization, which was committed to fighting for the rights of those she regarded as being "American" kids (children born in America to American 'rents) over those of so-called "anchor babies" (a xenophobic epithet describing American children born of an undocumented mom and dad). Thing is, there was always a little thing called the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in the way of her plans. But Dallacroce would argue 'round that hump if you gave her the chance.

Now I spy, in an article on the Channel 5 Web site, quotes from Dallacroce denouncing the fact that some dirt-poor illegal immigrants are receiving housing assistance if one or more of their kids is a U.S. citizen.

"It's deplorable, just deplorable," she told KPHO. "There are waiting lists right now with American families trying to get into public housing and they are being turned away because illegal aliens are living in public housing.

"Where is INS?" Michelle wondered. "Where is our government? Where are they?"

Personally, I could give a fig about this supposedly unjust loophole, which has the nativists all aghast. Give me a break! One Hispanic family they describe is living 10 to an apartment, and the rent in the public housing unit is a mere $150 a month. If the parents have kids born on American soil, then those kids are just as deserving as AZ's acne-encrusted sandbillies, who love downing meth by the bucketful.

This is a perfect example of using race and ethnicity to divide poor people against one another. Poor crackers in this country get government aid by the barrel. And most of them, by far, are better off than these impoverished Latin-American immigrants, who are generally willing to work far harder than their creamy-complexioned counterparts.

Do you think white folk in this nation look the other way when there's a tax break or some other advantage to be had because of their skin or status? Of course not.

In any case, I'll have to contact Michelle and see if she's returning to the ramparts, or if this Channel 5 interview was just a bit of backsliding on her part. Michelle revels in the limelight, and I don't blame her for using her good looks or her talent at turning the ideological knife to her advantage. Still, as they used to say about Bill Clinton, how can we miss you if you don't go away?

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Stephen is a former staff writer and columnist at Phoenix New Times.
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