Is Arizona Really "In Play" For Barack Obama in 2012?

President Barack Obama will be in Arizona on January 25 as part of a five-state swing across states Democrats feel are in play for the president in this year's election.

During his three-day, post-State of the Union trip, Obama also will visit Michigan, Colorado, Iowa, and Nevada -- all states Dems have identified as possible "swing states."

Obama didn't win Arizona in the 2008 election, but lefties were impressed with how close the president came to carrying the "Colt Single-Action Army Revolver State" (Obama lost Arizona by about 200,000 votes), mostly because Arizona has a long history of über-conservative kookery, and because his opponent was Senator John McCain, who had home-field advantage, being the state's senior senator and all.

Those in the know tell New Times Democrats really think Obama has a shot at winning Arizona this time, though, citing the state's large Hispanic population's tendency to vote Democratic. However, the president's pissed off a good chunk of his Latino base thanks to the record number of deportations that have happened under his watch -- he's even been dubbed the "Deporter in Chief."

Regardless, Democrats plan to drop a decent amount of coin in the state for the president's re-election campaign -- the plan being to target the state's Latino voters.

Arizona's still Arizona, though -- where the federal government's bad, guns are good, and Joe Arpaio's managed to get himself elected sheriff five times.

We want to know what you think: is Arizona really "in play" for Obama and the Dems in 2012, or is a black Democrat from Chicago winning a state like Arizona's 11 electoral votes a left-wing pipe-dream?

Cast your vote below.

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