Is Dean Martin Announcing a Run for Governor Tomorrow? All Signs Point to Yes

Speculation that Arizona Treasurer Dean Martin would be throwing his hat in the ring for a shot at the state's top spot has been in the air for months but tomorrow may be the day he makes his run for governor official.

We got an email today from Tim Gaffney, communications director for Martin's campaign committee, announcing a "major announcement regarding his [Martin's] political future" from the treasurer tomorrow before what is described as an "announcement tour" of Arizona that will take him to nearly every corner of the state over the next few days.

Martin very well could be announcing another run for treasurer but his actions over the last several days suggest otherwise.

Martin, who, for the most part, strays from the limelight more than many of Arizona's public officials, has made himself fairly visible lately -- publicly reminding his old foe, Homeland Security Chief and former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano that the federal government owes Arizona more than a billion dollars and becoming more vocal with his criticism of Governor Brewer.

Yesterday, Martin went on 92.3 KTAR to discuss the governor's state of the state address, sounding like someone who wants the job.  

"Who cares who's cut more, who's spent more?" Martin says. "What counts is how are we going to get out of this mess. It's not about I or me, it's about we, where's the state going?"

Martin would likely face Brewer in a GOP primary, so getting as much egg on her face as possible certainly wouldn't hurt his potential campaign.

Martin's announcement is scheduled for tomorrow at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow, so check back in the morning for any breaking details.

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