Is It "Reasonable" to Assume Andrew Thomas Will Never Hold Public Office Ever Again?

Just in case you thought there was a snowball's chance in hell that shamed former County Attorney Andrew Thomas could ever hold public office ever again, enter his attorney, Don Wilson.

Wilson is representing Thomas in the disciplinary proceedings that potentially could conclude with the former CA's disbarment.

Regardless, in an interview with KJZZ on Tuesday, Wilson said Thomas deserves to hang on to his law license because he's no longer a threat to society because he no longer holds public office "and I think any reasonable person assumes he never will again."

No argument here.

However, this is Arizona -- where the word "reasonable" seldom exists in politics.

In other words, it may not seem "reasonable" that Thomas could potentially get elected to public office in Arizona ever again, but that doesn't mean it's impossible (cases in point: Jan Brewer's the governor, Joe Arpaio's been sheriff for nearly 20 years, the state legislature spent months bickering over the "birther" conspiracy theory before declaring an official state gun, etc. etc. etc.).

We want to know what you think, though: is it "reasonable" to assume Thomas will never hold public office ever again?

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James King
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