Is Jan Brewer Reponding to SB 1070 Critics With "Pure Politics"?

In the last couple of months, Governor Jan Brewer has issued official responses to two parties critical of Senate Bill 1070, brushing both of as mere "political" ploys.

The first was New York Democratic Senator Charles Schumer, who asked Brewer to show up to his Senate subcommittee hearing on immigration in April and answer a few questions about her support of the anti-immigration law.

Brewer's press secretary referred to Schumer's request as a "publicity stunt," while the governor's official response to Schumer referred to "gamesmanship."

Brewer writes that it's "inappropriate" for her to testify before Congress the day before SB 1070 goes before the Supreme Court, but indirectly responded to some of the questions Schumer had in a letter.

Then there are the legal briefs that just about everyone and their grandmother have been filing to the Supreme Court.

California and 10 other states signed onto one brief, which Brewer dismissed as "pure politics."

"This legal filing is pure politics and takes tortured logic and rank hypocrisy to new levels," Brewer said. "The brief filed by California and 10 other states opposing SB 1070 begins by noting that they each 'have a wide variety of laws affecting all persons within their borders' and 'seek to preserve their authority to enact and enforce such laws, even as applied to immigrants.'

What exactly Brewer didn't like about the states' brief isn't clear, but she did make it clear she wasn't even going to respond to the whole thing.

"This amicus brief contains more misstatements and misrepresentations than I care to respond to here," she said. "As with many state laws, SB 1070 is written to mirror -- rather than supplant -- existing federal immigration law. Deportation efforts remain the sole purview of the federal government."

With Brewer responding to criticism of SB 1070 with non-responses, is she the one that's engaged in "pure politics"?

Cast your vote below:

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