Is "the Left" to Blame for Vandalism to Congressional Candidate Wendy Rogers' House?

Yesterday, the campaign for Republican Congressional candidate Wendy Rogers ​announced her house was vandalized the day she announced her candidacy, and one of her campaign staffers thinks "the Left" might have something to do with it.

The campaign for Rogers -- who's running in the newly formed Ninth District -- noted the shooting of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, adding, "Police recommended they investigate because of the coincidental timing of this attack with Rogers' campaign announcement amid the backdrop of recent history of political violence in Arizona."

Tempe police haven't filled us in on the details of exactly what happened at Rogers' place Saturday night, but Rogers' campaign has an idea of who to blame for it.

"I have been around campaigns for two decades," campaign official Joe Giardiello says. "I thought I had seen it all. But attacking a candidate's home and family is something we would expect in a third-world dictatorship. The hatred and anger already coming from the Left because of Wendy's unwavering commitment is downright frightening. In light of recent events in Arizona, we can't be too careful."

We do have a picture of the, uh, crime scene provided by the Rogers campaign:

The campaign also quoted some blog commenters that were apparently "spewing forth in full force" about the announcement of Rogers' candidacy, a couple of which called her a "lunatic" and the "most extreme Republican."

Based on the evidence -- or absolute lack thereof -- is "the Left" to blame for the vandalism to Rogers' house?

Cast your vote below:

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