Is There a Correlation Between Being a Border Vigilante and Being a Scumbag?

It's hard not to notice, but a few of the people who have seemed to be extremely concerned about migrants crossing the United States-Mexico border have also been accused of being involved in serious criminal activity.

The latest, of course, being Minuteman Project co-founder Chris Simcox, who has been arrested on charges related to allegedly molesting three girls under the age of 10.

See also:
-Joe Arpaio Supporter, Minuteman Chris Simcox, Charged w/Child Molestation
-J.T. Ready the Suspected Shooter in Gilbert Massacre
-Shawna Forde, Kid-Killing Minutewoman, Sentenced to Death

Preceding Simcox's alleged acts of scum were folks like J.T. Ready, who murdered four people including a baby last year in Gilbert, before killing himself.

Before that, there was border vigilante Shawna Forde, who's currently one of three women on Arizona death row, and got there for her role in the home-invasion murder of a man and his 9-year-old daughter (both Latino U.S. citizens).

Others haven't been accused of murders or molestations, like Glenn Spencer, Simcox's old buddy, who tried to shoot up apparently imaginary people outside his house in 2003, and ended up shooting wildly at nothing but his neighbor's garage, leading to his arrest.

Now, is this all just a coincidence, or is there a correlation between being a border vigilante and being a scumbag?

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