Is Tucson School District's Gun-Safety Pledge Anything to Freak Out About?

There's a freak-out brewing over a Tucson-area school district's pledge for parents to sign, asking for them to agree to be responsible gun owners.

The completely meaningless pledge asks for such controversial things like teaching children not to shoot someone during an argument.

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Consider the following gripe from the Arizona Independent:

Perhaps the most disturbing provision in the contract for Tucsonans is the requirement that parents must "carry out my responsibility to teach my children how to settle arguments without resorting to violence and to encourage him/her to use those ideas when necessary, and to follow school guidelines for reporting guns and weapons they see on campus to an appropriate adult."

We're disturbed that someone finds that disturbing.

Others griped about the provision of the pledge keeping to keep guns in the home locked away from youngsters. One anonymous Internet commenter complained that this would keep the homeowner unarmed when "some Democrat/meth addict" broke down the door.

Of course, the harsh penalty from the Flowing Wells Unified School District for refusing to sign this pledge is . . . absolutely nothing.

See the pledge below, and below that, vote on whether it's anything to freak out about:

Cast your vote below:

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