It Might Be 116 Degrees in Phoenix Wednesday. Not Cool, Mother Nature...Not Cool

The National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat warning for Maricopa County, advising residents that the temperature for much of the week will be in excess of 110 degrees -- which completely f***ing sucks.

The mercury hit 113 degrees today -- which is pretty hot for this time of year. In fact, it's a record -- the old record for August 22, was 111 degrees.

The bad news: it's only gonna get hotter.

The temperature for tomorrow is expected to be about 115 degrees, which would beat the current heat record of 112 degrees for August 23 in metro-Phoenix.

On Wednesday, it could potentially hit 116 degrees -- also a record.

Good news for Thursday, Valley dwellers: Phoenix is expected to have a bit of a cold spell. By "cold," we mean it's expected "only" to be 113 degrees outside.

As the heat index continues to rise, so does our pissed off index -- we've had it with burning ourselves on our seat belts and we're ready for a nice, Arizona "winter."

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