Jaica Rowley Didn't Want Her Son to Leave Home, So She Zip-Tied Him in the Backyard

Out of all the parenting methods used to keep an kid from leaving the house, keeping him zip-tied in the backyard probably isn't the best way.

According to the Mesa cops who found a bloody 11-year-old boy with his feet zip-tied together, and his hands zip-tied to a porch in his mom's backyard, it's child abuse.

According to Mesa police Detective Steve Berry, a neighbor called police Wednesday evening, saying he heard what sounded like a woman possibly hitting a man.

Police found 36-year-old Jaica Rowley at the home, and she told officers that her 11-year-old son was "out of control," and she was taking her 3-year-old daughter to go pay a bill.

Officers asked where the 11-year-old was, and she didn't really beat around the bush -- she told the cops she left him zip-tied in the backyard.

Sure enough, the boy was there, with his hands zip-tied to a support pole on the porch, and his feet zip-tied together.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Rowley zip-tied her son because he was grounded, and she didn't want him to leave while she was gone.

Police also blood on one of the boy's hands, as well as on the porch, and Rowley explained that the boy was yelling about her putting on the zip-ties too tight the first time, so she tried to cut them off with scissors, and ended up cutting one of his fingers.

Police also spoke to the neighbor, and he said he hears Rowley yelling at her kids on a weekly basis, but decided to phone up the cops after hearing a few things that disturbed him -- for example, according to Berry "one of which was to lay with his face down and if he made a sound she would kill him."

Rowley was booked on charges of child abuse and unlawful imprisonment. Child Protective Services took custody of her children.

According to court documents, Rowley's currently unemployed.

A judge ordered that Rowley be released from jail, and be placed on house arrest.

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