James Ray, Self-Styled Spiritual Guru, Has New Radio Show? WTF?

"Spiritual warrior" James Ray threw us a curve ball today when he sent us an e-mail announcing a new "self-help" radio show he'll be hosting starting in May.

(Insert Sheila Broflovski-esque "What-what-What?" here.)

Ray is about to stand trial for three counts of manslaughter stemming from the deaths of three people at one of his "self-help" retreats in Sedona last October.

Ray concluded the e-mail announcing his latest "self-help" Webisode by saying, "P.S. I have a new partnership with Business Broadcasting for a new live and interactive internet radio show called Living in the Flow starting on May 3."

Living in the Flow has a slightly better ring to it than Dying in the Tent, but after putting the kibosh on his company, James Ray International, we thought he'd keep his "self-help" shenanigans to a minimum, at least until his trial was over.

We contacted Ray to see if we could get the goods on his latest "self-help" venture, but he didn't get back to us. Had he returned our request for a chat, we'd have probably offered him a bit of advice: Apparently, the snake-oil business turns some people into workaholics, but stop fucking "helping" people!

Ray's radio gig may be short-lived, though. If convicted, he's looking at a maximum of 40 years in prison. 

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