James Ray's Lawyers Say No Crime Was Commited During Sweat Lodge Deaths

James Ray, the salesman who led a self-help seminar that left three people dead and dozens injured, went out and got some lawyers, and as you could probably imagine, they don't think he broke any laws.

As part of hundreds of documents released yesterday by the Yavapai County Attorney's Office, a letter from Ray's attorney, Luis Li, claims that nothing that Ray did at the Sedona sweat lodge incident was criminal, and he calls the three deaths "a tragic accident."

Sounds like his lawyer may have swallowed some of that James Ray Kool-Aid.

"Mr. Ray did not force anyone to participate, prevent anyone from leaving, or brainwash participants before the sweat lodge event," Li says in a letter to the Yavapai County Attorney, published in Forbes.

Ray may not have physically "forced" anyone to participate, but after coughing up nearly $10,000 a pop to sit in his bizarre sweat tent, you can bet those people wanted to get their money's worth. Not to mention the reports from victims that Ray intimidated people into staying in the tents -- even after people showed signs of illness.

Ray has not been charged with any crime -- but an investigation is currently under way.   

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