James Woods, Blind Congressional Candidate, Buys a Gun to Exploit "Gun Show Loophole"

Did you hear the one about the blind man who went to the gun show?

No, it's not a joke -- Democratic Congressional Candidate James Woods, who's blind, actually went to a recent gun show in Mesa and purchased a revolver as a bit of a campaign stunt to denounce the so-called "gun show loophole."

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That is, Woods didn't have to produce an ID, undergo a background check, or have any sort of training to get a firearm at a gun show, which is something Woods wants to change.

Watch the video from the Woods campaign below:

Woods is running for the congressional seat in the deep-red Congressional District 5, which is currently occupied by Republican Congressman Matt Salmon.

Despite running in the right-leaning district, Woods has made no phony run to the center, which was very evident earlier in the campaign when Woods got a flood of letters from pro-lifers to his campaign, and responded with campaign-branded condoms.

"Typically in districts that are heavily one way or another, the opposition will attempt to go to the middle, and what it does is allow the right to move even farther to the right," Woods spokesman Seráh Blain tells New Times. "James has stood his ground on the left."

Indeed, talking about any sort of changes to gun laws might not sit well with Arizona Republicans. Meanwhile, Salmon maintains an "A" rating from the National RIfle Association.

For what it's worth, we asked if Woods has been putting that gun to use.

"I don't believe he's ever fired the gun he bought there," Blain says.

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