Jamison Eaton Chased Day Laborers With a Bat Outside a Phoenix Home Depot, Cops Say

Gilbert resident Jamison Eaton shouted racial slurs at Hispanic day laborers outside a Phoenix Home Depot store as he chased them with a baseball bat, according to police.

Eaton, 30, was seen by "several independent witnesses" chasing the laborers near the store, and out into traffic on McDowell Road near 75th Avenue on Friday, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

"Six victims, Hispanic day laborers, were contacted in the Home Depot parking lot advising they desired prosecution," according to a probable-cause statement. "[They said Eaton] called them several different racial slurs, got out of his truck, got a baseball bat, and then attempted to hit them with the bat, chasing them across McDowell Road during rush hour traffic."

When police showed up, Eaton was still in the parking lot, sitting in his truck.

He was arrested, and the baseball bat was recovered. Eaton admitted to chasing the men, but claimed self-defense, although he didn't elaborate on his claim, according to court documents.

Court documents state that Eaton's been arrested for assault three times, and police noted "lots" of failures to appear in court.

He's been charged with six counts of aggravated assault with bias.

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Matthew Hendley
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