Jan Brewer

Jan Brewer: "Birther" Issue Leading Country Down "Path of Destruction." Yikes!

Just when you give Governor Jan Brewer a little credit, she takes it way, way too far...

Not only does Brewer find the debate over President Barack Obama's citizenship to be a "distraction," but she also thinks it's leading America down a doomsday-ish "path of destruction."

The Birther movement is stupid, obnoxious, and based on a conspiracy theory formulated in Hollywood's The Manchurian Candidate, but it's probably not going to destroy the country.

Jan appeared on CNN last night where she reiterated her position on the "Birther Bill" -- then she jumped the shark with her anti-Birther-ism.  

"It's become such a huge distraction," Brewer told CNN's John King. "I, for one -- I believe that from what I have seen and after speaking with ... the prior governor of Hawaii that indeed he was born in Hawaii. It's just something that I think is leading our country down a path of destruction, and it just is not serving any good purpose."

A lot of things could be perceived as "leading our country down a path of destruction" -- the increasing national debt, for example -- but the Birther movement is more annoying than dangerous.

Jan's no slouch when it comes to capitalizing on political opportunities, and it seems she's recognized the acclaim she's received from both sides of the aisle (not so much in Arizona, but nationally) after vetoing the "Birther Bill" -- so why not add a little doomsday rhetoric?

Sorry, Jan -- you had us at "distraction" and lost us at "path of destruction."

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