Jan Brewer

Jan Brewer Brags About Keeping Campaign Promise (Set to Chris Rock's "Black People Vs. Niggaz")

In Governor Jan Brewer's State of the State Address yesterday, she bragged about her plan to do something that apparently is unusual for a politician: keeping a campaign promise.

To quote comedian Chris Rock, "you're supposed to, you dumb motherfucker!"

Brewer says she has every intention of doing away with the "temporary" one-cent sales-tax increase she pushed for a few years ago when she was trying to figure out a way to generate income for the state's struggling economy. The governor caught some heat when she proposed the idea, as Republican lawmakers felt the tax increase wouldn't actually be temporary.

"Now, an integral part of our recovery plan was the passage of Proposition 100 -- the one-cent sales tax approved overwhelmingly by the voters for three years. The voters were promised it would be temporary," Brewer said in her speech. "Many doubted that. Well, I gave my word to the voters. And, a promise is a promise. So, I'm here today to say: This tax will end on my watch! This tax will end after three years in 2013!"

If you've ever heard Rock's "Black People Vs. Niggaz" routine (if you haven't you can in the Youtube video embedded above), it's clear that it applies to not only "niggaz," but politicians, as well -- just replace the word "niggaz" with "politicians."

See below: 

"Politicians always want credit for some shit they're supposed to do. They'll brag about stuff a normal man just does. They'll say something like, 'Yeah, I keep the promises I make on the campaign trail.' You're supposed to, you dumb motherfucker. Or they'll say something like 'I didn't sign Arizona's humiliating Birther Bill.' Whaddya want? A cookie? You're not supposed to sign legislation based on a continuously debunked conspiracy theory, you low-expectation-having motherfucker!"

See the full text of Brewer's State of the State Address here.
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