Jan Brewer Declines to Participate in Two Candidate Forums

Following Governor Jan Brewer's jaw-dropping performance in the last gubernatorial debate, she reaffirmed her vow to not participate in more debates -- despite challenges from her Democratic opponent, Terry Goddard.

Last month, we called Governor Jan Brewer's campaign to throw her handlers a hypothetical: if the other candidates scheduled a debate or candidate forum or any sort of public engagement featuring her and her opponents, would Jan show up. As usual, nobody got back to us, but today we got our answer.

Brewer's opponents, Goddard, Larry Gist, and Barry Hess, will each participate in two candidate forums today. Brewer won't be in attendance.

The Arizona Women Lawyers Association is holding a Candidates Forum today. It begins at 11:30 a.m. at the Wyndham Hotel in Phoenix. Goddard, Gist, and Hess will all be there. Jan Won't be.

She claims she has a scheduling conflict.

Jan's a busy lady so it's a good thing there's another candidate forum today so she can "did what's right" and give voters a chance to see her debate her opponents.

ASU's Undergraduate Student Government also is hosting a Governor's Candidate Forum today. It starts at 7 p.m. in the Memorial Union. Goddard, Gist, and Hess will all be there. Jan won't be -- no "scheduling conflict" here, Jan just said no.

Brewer's lead over Goddard has narrowed -- if you believe recent poll numbers -- so you'd think Jan would want to get her face out there to try to seal the deal with under two weeks until election day. It's almost as though she's afraid to debate. Wonder why? See below -- and keep in mind: this woman currently runs this entire state.

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