Jan Brewer Has Big Lead Over Terry Goddard in Arizona Gov's Race, Poll Shows

Five months ago, you could've sneaked up and hit us up-side the face with a two-by-four and we wouldn't have been half as shocked as if you'd said Jan Brewer was leading the polls for governor.

That was five months ago --  meantime, Jan signed SB 1070, and needless to say, things changed.

According to a poll released today, not only is Jan the front-runner in the general election, she's got a pretty big lead over state Attorney General Terry Goddard.

The poll, conducted by Phoenix-based Behavior Research Center, shows that Brewer leads Goddard by 20 points -- 45 percent to 25 percent.

Another 22 percent said they were undecided while 8 percent were split between candidates for the Libertarian and Green parties.

Brewer and Goddard were basically tied among women voters while Goddard leads among Hispanics.

The new poll numbers seem to be an indication that Arizona's GOP is uniting behind Brewer after Treasurer Dean Martin and businessman Owen "Buz" Mills bailed on their primary campaigns.

Goddard, on the other hand -- the one-time front-runner -- has done little to rally any sort of base and has basically sat on the periphery of the immigration debate while Brewer's used it to become the new darling of the Republican Party.

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