Jan Brewer Names SFB Director John Arnold as New Budget Director; Replaces Eileen Klein

Governor Jan Brewer today named a replacement for former budget chief Eileen Klein, whom she bumped up the totem pole this week to serve as her new chief of staff.

John Arnold, executive director of the School Facilities Board, will be the new state budget director

"Mr. Arnold possesses a deep understanding of the budget process in Arizona, having been involved with state financing for over 12 years," Brewer says in a statement.

Understand the state budget process? Does that mean he knows how to bicker mindlessly for four months without actually accomplishing anything?

Let's hope not.

Arnold actually has a decent resume when it comes to budgetary know how.

During his tenure at the Arnold oversaw construction of 123 new schools, as well as managed more than $270 million in building-renovation funds.

Arnold is no stranger to the budget office either. He worked in there before taking the top spot at the SFB, helping coordinate a 2002 transition between incoming and outgoing budget directors, as well as managing the K-12 and higher education budgets.

Welcome to the party, Mr. Arnold. Assuming these bozos can ever agree on a budget, he will certainly have his work cut out for him.
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