Jan Brewer Not on TIME List of Influential People, but DREAM Act Proponent in Past New Times Cover Story Makes the Cut

Despite ranking among the top 20 in TIME magazine's reader poll of the most influential people in the world, Governor Jan Brewer didn't make the cut for the magazine's final list -- even after soliciting votes a little late.

On the other hand, a DREAM Act proponent and undocumented woman living in Arizona did make the list of 100 people.

Dulce Matuz, president of the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition, was among the folks profiled by New Times-turned-City Pages scribe Gregory Pratt in his 2011 story on young, undocumented people surviving in the business world.

Matuz' entry in the magazine's list was written by actress and fellow DREAM Act supporter Eva Longoria.

"Dulce Matuz, 27, represents the finest of her generation, putting herself through college partly via scholarships and graduating with an electrical-engineering degree," Longoria writes. "An undocumented Latina confronted with legal barriers to pursuing her engineering dream, she chose to fight for the right to contribute to the country she has called home since she was young."

Matuz was mentioned in the New Times story in her real-estate dealings, as she'd sold 50 homes as of last summer since graduating from Arizona State University in 2009 -- but expected to lose her license when it was up for renewal due to her legal status.

She also explained how she's attempting to counter the thought held by some people that undocumented immigrants are essentially leeches in the United States.

"I haven't asked government for anything, and I [haven't needed] to ask for anything," Matuz told New Times. "That's the American dream."

Click here for TIME's entry on Matuz, and click here for the whole list of the 100 most influential people.

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