Jan Brewer Protested, 3 Arrested: Video by Dennis Gilman

Kudos to Phoenix videographer Dennis Gilman for his latest video, which captures the drama of yesterday's demonstration at the state Capitol.

There, as Governor Jan Brewer gave her state of the state speech to members of the Legislature, a coalition of activists protested Brewer's executive order denying driver's licenses to Arizona DREAMers who qualify for the federal government's deferred action program.

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Gilman was on the second floor of the state House lobby and captured some exclusive bird's-eye footage of the three arrests that took place, arrests I detailed in a blog item yesterday.

All three demonstrators were taken into custody, cited for trespassing and released. Likely their real "crimes" were not moving fast enough for the DPS officers clearing the lobby. That and singing too loud.

The peaceful protest rocked the joint: A successful action that earned a bucketload of media.

My favorite quote from the day is from a fired-up Randy Parraz, president of Citizens for a Better Arizona, the group responsible for the recall of former state Senate President Russell Pearce in 2011.

"They're good enough to graduate from ASU, [but] they're not good enough to apply for a driver's license?" Parraz asked of the DACA-eligible DREAMers. "That mentality has to stop."

Hell, yes. And no rest until it does.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.