Jan Brewer

Jan Brewer Says Alaska Trip is Her "First Vacation" Since Becoming Governor -- Which is a Lie

We regret to inform you that we nearly let Governor Jan Brewer get away with one.

Since our earlier post about the governor's vacation to Alaska, which she claims is her "first vacation in over two years as Governor," we were reminded of a story we published last May. That story, contrary to the governor's claims in Twitter-town this week, was also about Brewer's "first vacation" since becoming governor.

See that story here.

In other words, Jan's lyin'.

Last May, in the middle of defending SB 1070 to the national media, pimping her one-cent sales-tax increase, and trying to get herself elected governor, Jan took a week off.

For an entire week, Brewer had no public events scheduled, and her office said the governor was taking a vacation. That vacation, too, was billed as Brewer's first vacation since becoming governor.

In her defense, Brewer didn't leave the state for that vacation, but this is hardly the first time Jan's had some downtime since taking office -- despite what she seems to want the public to believe.

We've got no qualms with Brewer going on vacation. In fact, we encourage it -- the less time she spends in Phoenix, the better. We just keep our fingers crossed in hopes that one of Brewer's vacations becomes a permanent vacation. 

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