Jan Brewer Stomps Out of Chicanos Por La Causa To the Chants of "Veto the Bill"

Is Governor Jan Brewer ready to become the most hated woman in Arizona by signing SB 1070?

That's the query I directed toward Brewer as she stalked out of the Chicanos Por La Causa 41st Anniversary Dinner, the cries of "Veto the bill" echoing behind her. Brewer maintained the silence of a human artichoke with legs.

Unlike at her recent appearance at the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce's Black and White Ball , Brewer didn't stick around for the rest of the program. She began to leave as soon as she'd finished her brief remarks. That's when the chanting began. 

Prior to that, her message to the venerable charitable organization was practically the same as to the AHCC.

"I have heard your concern about immigration reform...While I'm not prepared to announce a decision on Senate Bill 1070 this evening, I can tell you what I decide will be based on what is right for Arizona."

Um, OK, whatever, Guv. You sure as shinola were not going to sign the bill today and then waltz into CPLC.

Nah, better to stop by, say a few meaningless words, then sign it Friday. That way, you don't have to flip off the Hispanic community in person. 

Mayor Phil Gordon, the next speaker up at bat, gave her a possible out: Why not send the bill back to the legislature, and call a special session to fix what's wrong with the bill?

Such a move would be a nice CYA move for Brewer, but there are two problems with this suggestion: The bill is a travesty that cannot be fixed; and to do this would require a smidgen of political courage on Brewer's part. Plus, some political imagination. I don't see her as a woman with either.

Contrast this with the opposition of Republican Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley to the bill. But then, Romley has huevos the size of Neptune. 

Brewer, on the other hand, is a middling politician, who owes her current position to her predecessor Janet Napolitano bailing for a better gig. And as her muck up of a simple press conference at the U.S. Marshals office recently proved, Brewer has all the brain power of a garden hose.

Before Brewer's speech, CPLC Board Chair Erica Gonzalez-Melendez lectured the Governor on why she should reject SB 1070.

"We are the people whose sons and daughters have fought greatly for this nation," she said. "People who've buried their sons, their heroes in this soil. Now, as you consider signing a bill that makes those same people second class citizens...Governor, we want to remind you that we vote too.

"Governor we ask. Actually, we respectfully demand that you veto Senate Bill 1070."

The line earned a standing ovation from the audience.

Today there were 3,000 students on the lawn of the Capitol urging Brewer to veto SB 1070. Many of them had skipped classes to be there. 

But I don't think those 3,000 students had any more effect on Brewer than did Gonzalez-Melendez's lecture. KTAR has reported that its sources are telling them that Brewer will sign the bill. But at this point, is that really news? 

It will be news if she vetoes the bill, however. Big news.

(Note: Thanks to my colleague Jose Munoz for the photos. For more by Munoz, check out his Web site photosbyjosemunoz.com)

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